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270 successful Photo Hunts in Estonia, Latvia and Finland

24 000 funny pictures

Experience from 2008

The aim of the Photo Hunt Game

is to find the locations shown on printed photographs and take creative photos of the team members at them.

Each photograph carries a clue on how the team should be portrayed. The tasks are amusing and capturing a successful photo requires imagination, courage and cooperation – and every game has an element of competition as the teams strive to win a prize!

The game takes some creativity, a bit of courage and cooperation

How it works

1. the teams Duration up to 5 min

Teams are formed either at random or based on pre-prepared lists.

2. introduction to the game Duration up to 5 min

Each team receives a digital camera and up to 20 printed photographs showing nearby objects or sites. Each photo is captioned with a task that the team has to stage at the location shown.

3. the game begins Duration 120 min

The teams need to locate the objects shown on the photographs and capture staged photos according to the instructions.

4. the game ends Duration 10-15 min

The teams return. While the players catch their breath, take a toilet break, have a cigarette or a snack, the game leader uploads the photos and prepares them for viewing.

5. viewing Duration 20-30 min

Photo Hunt is all fun, but the day culminates with a common viewing on a large screen. The most exciting moments are recalled together, the stories behind the photos are shared around and the teams get to compare their captures. It’s a free and high-spirited gathering that lets the players re-live the adventure.

The photos can be viewed over dinner at a restaurant or a pub, immediately after the hunt at a seminar room, or, for company summer outings, later outdoors.

6. the award ceremony Duration up to 5 min

We decide on
– the author of the best photo
– the team with the best photos overall and award the winners.

7. digitalising the results

The photos are written on a CD that serves as a souvenir of the event and allows you to share the results online, use them in the company calendar or make large decorative print-outs.

Duration of the game 3h

Photo Hunt makes a group into a team.

Further information

  • Suitable for players of all ages. Little physical activity.
  • The game can be organised throughout the year in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.
  • The duration of the adventure game along with the viewing is up to 3 hours.
  • The distance walked or run during the game is approx. 2–3 km.
  • In case of rain, all players are provided with plastic raincoats.
  • The game can be played in Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian.
  • The best team will be awarded a prize.
  • Players can also use their own cameras.

Photo Hunt helps you relax after a long day of training or seminars.

Suitable locations for Photo Hunt

  • Photo Hunt can be played in the city or at the countryside.
  • The game is especially suitable for groups of 10–100 people.
  • The optimal team size is 5–8 people.
  • If over 100 people participate, the hunt can be organised in several parts. Alternatively, it can cover a whole day as a part of a larger event.

Photo Hunt is a classic of team games.

Price list (valid until 31.12.2019)

People Price (Estonia) Price (Riga) Price (Helsinki)
up to 15 320 € 420 € 420 €
16-20 395 € 495 € 495 €
21-25 470 € 470 € 470 €
26-30 545 € 645 € 645 €
31-35 620 € 720 € 720 €
The prices do not include VAT.

The price includes

  • all requisite technology (photo cameras, video projector, a computer and a screen for the viewing)
  • organising and leading the game from the beginning till the end
  • prize
  • a space for the common viewing
  • a CD with the photos

A special price applies for groups 36 persons and up. Ask for a quote here

Photo Hunt is suitable for players of every age, a combination of simple orienteering and team work.

Why choose Photo Hunt?

Taking part in a Photo Hunt Game is fun, new  and exciting!

Photo Hunt is a combination of simple orienteering and team work.

Photo Hunt helps you relax after a long day of training or seminars.

Photo Hunt cuts right through language and communication barriers and makes a group into a team.

The game takes some creativity, a bit of courage and cooperation.

Photo Hunt is a classic of team games and it never fails!

Adventurous team game is suitable for players of every age.

In addition to Photo Hunt we can organise


  • 1
    Movie Hunt the themes of the photos are inspired by films and the other teams later need to guess the film (each team receives different movies)
  • 2
    Photo Hunt in the Tallinn old town with an emphasis on its famous sights. Foreign tourists are provided with captioned city maps with clues.
  • 3
    Photo Hunt with pretty girls or with charming guys particularly for stag dos or for hen parties
  • 4
    Photo Hunt with set pieces (such as wigs and costumes)
  • 5
    Photo Hunt with professional photographers for each team
  • 6
    Theme Photo Hunt: themes such as „Retro“, „Olympics“, „The 80s coming back“, „Eurovision“, „Mafia crew“ etc.

Photo Hunt cuts right through language and communication barriers

Book a Photo Hunt for your corporate event or a private group!

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